Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Name Game!

Cow names are important features on the dairy farm. It makes it easy to say "Doctor, Belle has a sore on her leg", instead of saying "Cow X has a sore on her leg, no I mean the other Cow X". We also attempt to try to name in a series so we can quickly recall who is the calf of whom. In much the same way a horse farm might combine names of mare and sire of elite racing horses.

Having said this, I'd like to introduce two new calves on the farm. Gladys's daughter Gladiola, and Peanut's daughter, Snickers. Welcome to the farm little ladies!


  1. Naming the new calves each year was an affair to remember...the calves always had their Sire's name, their Dam's name, and then their name...Ambassador Maverick's Amanda Dawn. That way we could keep up with their bloodline.

  2. Hi MarineMom!
    We actually do that as well for their registration papers, but we also like to pick a name to call them around the farm that's easy for us to remember and fun too. lol! ;)