Friday, February 4, 2011

Meet Percy Nacho...

On a recent visit to the farm sponsored by feed supplier Alltech, several of their international clients were surprised to discover Percy Nacho. Alltech was taking dairy farmers from Ireland, England, Germany, and Australia around to unique dairy farms in Kentucky to highlight different farm models. The Irish contingent was shocked to discover a dairy farm would have one lowly donkey in with it's Jersey herd. We had to explain that Percy was a vital part of our strategic farm plan. Here in Spencer county the influx of coyote to the area makes for a situation where the herd needs constant protection from intruders. Enter our handsome coyote alarm Percy. A "rescue" donkey from a neighboring farm, Percy sounds his loud honking alarm whenever danger is near, not to mention literally putting his foot down on any would be predators who may enter the field.

He lives and feeds amongst the herd as if he was one of them. Often staying close to the fence, he knows that if he let's you pet him he can be rewarded with an apple or carrot for his vigilance and long hours. Keep up the good work Percy!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Companion's Creek Farm Merger

We are really excited to have our good friend (and cousin) Lee Lafferty and his wife Pat take on the Stone Cross Farm name this year. Lee and Pat's Companion's Creek Farm, has been selling not only their own farm fresh goodies, but also our beef and pork for years at local farmer's markets. As we approach the 2011 market season and take on a third booth at the new Douglass Loop Farmer's Market we have all decided to unite under one banner! This exciting new step for the family will see the Stone Cross brand coming to more hungry mouths here in the Bluegrass while still bringing the great products and charming customer service from Companion's Creek Farm.

Also yours' truly, Adriel Gray (Louisville sales rep, cheese wrangler, head of marketing, web guru, and all around fun guy) will be heading off to the St. Matthews Farmers Market at Beargrass Christian Church to help expand our presence there. I'll be bringing our farmstead cheese for the first time to a farmer's market. It should be a lot of fun, and if you play your cards right I may give you a free taste!