Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ask a Farmer!

It is often the case that we overlook the obvious. There is normally a simple, and expedient solution to problems laying within 10 feet of us at all times that we neglect to use in most situations that we find ourselves in. We as a culture love to find these little shortcuts and exploit them. They are recurring themes in our magazine articles, on cable TV shows, and even blog posts. So if you are looking for a helpful hint, look no further! Here is a little tidbit that is so simple you may have been in plain sight, without your notice: When you are at the farmer's market and you are curious how to prepare a new vegetable variety, cut of meat, or food product, ask the farmer for a recipe!

See I told you it was painfully obvious, and utterly simple!

How often have you asked, "what kind of vegetable is this" or "what do you call this cut of meat" at the farmer's market? More importantly, once you found out you were holding a garlic scape, or a piece of ossobuco have you followed up to find out how to prepare it? New culinary adventures are just within reach, that you may have passed up. Just think, your local farmer has probably prepared all the products at their booth, at their own home to great results. Many of the farmers I know are also fantastic cooks, who have access to great fresh food and are constantly coming up with amazing recipes to feed their family every day. Unlike the modern grocery store experience, farmer/producers have an intimate knowledge of their products and are more willing to share that know-how. Also adding a new recipe or expanding your knowledge of new foods makes you a better cook. Asking for recipes at the local farmers market will not only add to your food encyclopedia, but instruct you on how to cook with the seasons, and cook what is grown in your local area.

So next time you have a chance, ask a farmer!
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